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Classic Motorcycle Wiring and Parts

Catmando Services is now concentrating on electrical parts and wiring, a new look online shop is now set up for these parts. There are plans to make all standard items available for purchase on line with payment via PayPal (www.paypal.com), cash, cheques and other standard payment methods will still be accepted.

We are getting more requests for Japanese wiring and we are normally able to produce a suitable loom, we do need the old loom from you as a donor for the multi block connectors and to confirm the layout of your bike. You will also have to supply the correct wiring diagram for your model.

We can now supply batteries as we now have new supplier who will ship on our behalf, this will be offered for direct delivery.

A range of parts that are non marque specific are stocked, such as chains, carburretter parts, cables and tools.

We can normally obtain a wide range of parts for AJS, BSA, Matchless, Norton and Triumph, these are not normally stock items but can be ordered on demand (email for details on price and availability)

Catmando Services has also diversified into metal casting and decorative metal work, as this side of the business continues to develop please watch this site for updates.

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The Royal mail have reduced compensation on all First and Second Class mail to £20 so from the above date I will no longer replace any orders "lost in the post" unless you have requested postal insurance. This will be a £10 flat charge on all UK orders and will result in all Inland parcels being sent "Special delivery" with £500 maximum compensation and overseas a £15 flat charge for Airmail, International signed for with additional compensation, this will give £250 or £500 max compensation depending on destination.

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