• July 24, 2024

The Dahlia, summer in your ball

The Dahlia is a beautiful, full-flowered summer flower with a long tradition. The plant is named after the Swedish botanist Dahl, who was the first European to get his hands on the plant around 1800. Originally, the plant comes from Mexico. Explorers took the plant with them to Europe.

About the Dahlia
For a long time, the Dahlia had the image of being a plant for grandpas and grandmas. In recent years, the vinage plant has become very trendy. This is no wonder, as they are beautiful flowers in an incredible number of varieties: from single-flowered white flowers to spherical red velvety spheres with small, spoon-shaped petals. There are many special Dahlias with special names. Such as Dahlia Café au Lait or Dahlia Crème de Cassis.

Dahlias flower long and abundantly and they are available in endless variations of colours and shapes. They are ideal flowers to give colour to the garden from the end of the summer until the first frost. They combine beautifully with flower bulbs. As a cut flower, you can also bring them from the garden to your living room.

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