• July 24, 2024

Buxus ball

You can have several reasons to chose for a buxus ball, maybe you want to create more privacy in your garden, or you just like the look of a well-groomed garden. A buxus ball is easy to maintain and with the right care, it will stay nice for many years. A buxus ball in a…

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10 times beautiful green flowering garden plants

Beautiful green flowering plants make the garden. It is surprising how many garden plants remain beautiful even in winter. We have listed 10 of them below. Apart from staying green, they all have something else to offer. Combine these special green flowering plants for your garden with the other coloured flowering plants and make your…

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The Dahlia, summer in your ball

The Dahlia is a beautiful, full-flowered summer flower with a long tradition. The plant is named after the Swedish botanist Dahl, who was the first European to get his hands on the plant around 1800. Originally, the plant comes from Mexico. Explorers took the plant with them to Europe. About the Dahlia For a long…

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